DEAF Circle provides American Sign Language centric educational and recreational oriented events in the Rochester area to connect and empower diverse families with children through community networking and partnerships.


DEAF Circle aims to be the largest community-based organization of innovative ASL centric educational and recreational events for families with children in the Rochester area.


DEAF Circle is free and open to Deaf, Hard of Hearing or Sign Language fluent parents/guardians/family members and their children who are also Deaf, Hard of Hearing or Sign Language fluent in Rochester area and Western New York.

Organization Goals

  • Programming: Provide consistent educational and recreational events for families.
  • Financial Sustainment: Pursue donations, event-based revenues, & grant funding.
  • Community Outreach: Develop event partnerships with local groups/organizations.
  • Board Development: Maintain on-going communications and role responsibilities.

Non-discrimination Pledge

DEAF Circle shall not discriminate against any individual regarding familial status, ethnicity, race, creed, age, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, socio-economic status or disability.

Board Members

Four women standing close together. Top left: Adrianna Smart (President), white female with black top and brown hair and wearing glasses. Top right: Carrie Fisher (secretary) wearing red top and has blonde ponytail. Lower left: Rhonda Voight-Campbell (treasurer) white woman wearing brown plaid shirt and has brown hair pulled back. Lower right: Arlene Sankey (advisor) Asian woman with brown hair and black glasses.
top row: Adrianna Smart (president) and Carrie Fisher (secretary). Bottom row: Rhonda Voight-Campbell (treasurer) and Arlene Sankey (advisor).