History of DeafCircle

DEAF Circle is happy to provide a safe network for all deaf, hard of hearing and hearing parents within the greater Rochester area.

Our goal is to provide a center with educational resources and network for families with children of all ages.

We are a very close-knit deaf community here in Rochester, yet, there are plenty of opportunities to get out and meet other parents/guardians/family members. We also welcome those who are affiliated with the deaf culture in some way (deaf child/spouse/significant other/interpreter/etc.).

We host monthly events with a strong focus on fundraising and providing educational workshops. We focus on two educational workshops and two fundraising events. We also like to have fun and give everyone a chance to network and share information. We encourage everyone to join! We require no membership fees. To support our mission and goals, we ask our community members to assist by volunteering, teaching and other ways with any kind of support for our community fundraising events (including donations). Our donations go back to supporting camp-based scholarships. If you would like to see DEAF Circle host a workshop on specific topics or have ideas on how we can raise more funds, please let us know!

Our History

DEAF Circle, formerly known as the Rochester Deaf Mothers Club, was founded during the summer of 2000 by Lori Taylor, Julia Aggas, Sarah Kenopic, and Heather Miller, all of whom are deaf moms of Rochester, NY. Before RDMC was established, these moms gathered for social activities for their children and for themselves. They were inspired to share this sense of collaboration with those within the community. They saw the opportunity to provide support and kinship with all deaf/hard-of-hearing mothers and hearing mothers whose children are either deaf or hard-of-hearing.

After a few years of great success, RDMC was affiliated with Deaf Women of Rochester (DWR), which is a non-profit organization. This helped RDMC to reach an unprecedented level of recognition that was a challenge in every step of the way from its very beginning.

Initially, RDMC planned to set up activities every other month to give an opportunity for all mothers to enjoy spending time with other mothers, stress-free away from their families, work/school/home, financial hardship, and